Revolutionizing primary care decision-making with AI-powered intelligence

Harnessing the power and strength of AI + doctors. The world’s first native generative AI precision care platform for doctors to deliver hyper-personalized interventions and compassionate care

Delivering the right care to the right patient at the right time through the right clinician

Helping physicians pioneer a new era of whole-person care through generative and predictive AI-powered copilots.

Every patient deserves hyper-personalized care

Patients, doctors, and hospitals are under strain. AI can help, with orchestration for a holistic precision approach

A paradigm shift in whole-person care with an integrated approach spanning all elements of care

Data + predictive and generative AI + clinician collaborations in one intelligent workflow for clinical, labs, SDOH, and lifestyle

Increased healthcare access for patients

Boosting physician productivity improves healthcare access and delivers high-quality care

Optimal routing of patients at the right time to the right clinican

Centralized AI-guided patient orchestration and routing to the best clinician (PCP/APP/specialist) and channel

Treating the patient as your consumer

Personalized, automated workflows tailor care and interventions for each patient-physician encounter

Improved physician satisfaction

Intelligent workflow integration frees physicians to focus more on patient care and interactions

The RhythmX AI difference

Revolutionizing primary care decision-making with AI-powered intelligence

Advanced patient risk stratification and prediction helps identify patients at risk

Surfaces the right data at the right time, so you can identify the right next steps

A holistic patient view provides insights and predictions for the best care and intervention plans

AI-powered recommendations for holistic care, including labs, imaging, social care, follow-ups, and medications

Close quality gaps with suggested actions that use social and mental health factors.

Route patients to the right clinician with meaningful and relevant prep and diagnostics

The Eureka Gen AI platform

RhythmX AI’s precision care platform is built on the intelligent Eureka Gen AI platform, pioneered by SAI Group to serve thousands of enterprises worldwide.

Discover how RhythmX AI’s platform can help doctors deliver high-quality care