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RhythmX AI’s precision care platform is transforming healthcare through AI-powered, hyper-personalized care

An AI-native healthcare company

We are a passionate team of innovators, dreamers, and healthcare experts pioneering a paradigm shift in primary care.

Empowering healthcare transformation

AI-powered precision care to revolutionize whole-person care with data-driven intelligence

Generative AI at the core

AI is in our DNA, driven by innovation, integrity, and empathy to help doctors practice at the top of their license

Making a meaningful impact

Bridging the gap between AI and humans to create a whole-person approach to primary care

The RhythmX AI Leadership Team

A passionate team of innovators, dreamers, and healthcare experts pioneering a paradigm shift in primary care

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    Driven by a lifelong commitment to tech, entrepreneurship, and global betterment, my mission is to catalyze positive change on a monumental scale. With a legacy of founding over 40 successful tech companies, I’ve harnessed my entrepreneurial spirit to empower economies, shape the future of AI-driven decision-making, and pioneer advancements in life sciences and healthcare.

    Romesh Wadhwani, PhD

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    At the core of my journey is a commitment to reshape healthcare through innovation and compassion. My mission is to revolutionize whole-person care by harnessing the power of AI – but ultimately, it’s all about the people and the world we’re transforming. Through RhythmX AI and beyond, I’m dedicated to pioneering a new era of healthcare, where technology and empathy converge to create a world of healthier, happier people.

    Deepthi Bathina

    Founder + Chief Executive Officer
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    My mission is to orchestrate and optimize operational strategies in a complex landscape, cultivating acquisitions, investments, and partnerships that catalyze transformative change.

    Jason Williams

    Operating Partner, RhythmX AI /SAI Group
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    As I lead a team that pioneers technological innovation on a global scale, I recognize that stand as a guardian of trust. With each decision and innovation, I uphold the promise of AI-powered excellence, ensuring our solutions stand as beacons of reliability and innovation.

    Nigel Pratt

    SVP of Technology
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    As the clinical leader of the company, my mission is to make delivering care easier, and more fulfilling for healthcare professionals while ensuring patients receive a more advanced, and hyper-personalized healthcare experience.

    Dr. Ed Glynn, MD, MBA, FAAFP

    Chief Clinical Officer
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    I’ve fused a lifelong passion for science with a knack for entrepreneurship. My mission in life is to bring cutting-edge solutions to reduce the burden placed on clinicians and improve the quality of life of those suffering from health-related ailments.

    Steve Fried

    Vice President of Sales
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    As a data scientist, I’m committed to driving positive change within the healthcare industry. My goal is to revolutionize healthcare through data-driven insights, and cutting-edge machine learning to enhance care, optimize operations, and improve outcomes. I aim to empower healthcare professionals, organizations, and patients with the tools needed to create a healthier and more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

    Ayush Parolia

    Principal Data Scientist
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    As a clinical data scientist, I love applying the latest advances in AI to transform fundamental healthcare interactions, and in redefining what we mean when we talk about hyper-personalized medicine.

    Paul Gamble, MD

    Senior Clinical Data Scientist
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    As a product manager, my vision is to contribute to the future of healthcare with AI and technology-powered solutions, designed hand-in-hand with clinicians and every person impacted by healthcare. I am devoted to driving innovation that makes a tangible difference in patient care quality and overall experience, setting new standards for excellence in healthcare.

    David Lee

    Principal Product Manager
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    I am excited by the opportunity to create lasting, meaningful change in healthcare through advanced technologies like AI focusing on patient-centered, evidence-based care to deliver hyper-personalized interventions.

    Mark Sagon

    Implementation Manager
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    My mission is to be a part of a transformative effort that bridges AI-powered innovation with the intricacies and human elements of delivering healthcare.

    Richard Yates

    Chief Information Officer, ConcertAI/SAI Group
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    My mission is to safeguard the technological landscape and protect the vital assets that power our interconnected world.

    Scott Zewe

    Chief Security Officer, ConcertAI/SAI Group
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    Eshwar Belani is an accomplished executive and a pioneer in the AI and technology space. He has a proven track record in transforming innovative ideas into ground-breaking products and services, fueling exponential growth, and reshaping the business landscape.

    Eshwar Belani

    Operating Partner, SAI Group

RhythmX AI Advisory Board

Visionary healthcare leaders with deep leadership clinical, strategy, and operational expertise

  • Dr. Jordan Asher

    MD, MS, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of Sentara Health
  • Dr. Sunny Bhatia

    MD, CEO of Prime Healthcare, Region I, and Corporate Chief Medical Officer for all Prime Health locations
  • Dr. Gregg Meyer

    MD, MSc President of Community Division and Executive Vice President of Value-based Care at Mass General Brigham
  • Joe Petro

    CVP of Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Solutions and Platforms

RhythmX AI Expert Panel

Renowned healthcare leaders, clinical experts and specialists who are collaborating with RhythmX AI’s team

  • Andrew_Expert_Rhythm

    Dr. Andrew Albano

    DO, MBA, CPE, FAAFP, DABFM. Chief Medical Officer – Population Health Management, inVio Health Network, Prisma Health. Associate Professor, University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Greenville
  • Dr. Luiza Caramori

    MD, MSc, PhD, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences; Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Kenny Cole

    MD, MS System VP, Clinical Improvement, Ochsner Health
  • Dr. Sarika K. Desai, D.O.

    Cardiologist, CEO ARIZONA HEART 360. Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona
  • Dr. Kunihiro Matsushita

    MD, PhD Department of Epidemiology: Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dr. Sankar Navaneethan

    MBBS, MPH Assoc. Chief Nephrology / Director of Clinical Research Baylor College of Medicine
  • Dr. Anish Shah

    MD, Family Medicine Physician, Froedtert Health
  • Dr. Sri Lekha Tummalapalli

    MD, MBA, MAS Division of Nephrology & Hypertension Weill Cornell Medicine

Built on a strong foundation

The RhythmX AI team of healthcare and technology experts, operators, and leading clinical advisors are informing and validating our AI-powered recommendations. Backed by the 4,000 people of SAI Group, including 250 data scientists and 1,000 people dedicated to the healthcare sector.

RhythmX AI is owned by SAI Group, one of the largest, fastest-growing investment firms in enterprise AI.

SAI Group invests in businesses with the potential to become leaders in enterprise AI solutions. Principal owner and investor Dr. Romesh Wadhwani has committed to investing up to $1 billion in equity capital, which enables its portfolio companies to accelerate growth through innovation.

SAI Group

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